Appraisal Service

We at Vintage Doubles are often asked to appraise guns, routinely from a description over the phone. This is next to near impossible. If a dealer or “Expert” tells you they can give you an accurate appraisal over the phone without seeing and measuring the gun you had better beware!

To properly appraise a vintage sporting arm, we must have the gun in our hands to properly measure it, research it, and evaluate condition. The charge for this is $200.00 which includes everything we have found about your gun after measuring and evaluating it, including an estimate of manufacture date and a brief history of the maker if available. This is provided on our letterhead and can be used for insurance or estate purposes.

If you have a collection of guns it may be appropriate for us to come to you to examine and measure them. Travel costs are extra but not extravagant. Quantity appraisal can offer a multi-gun discount which is negotiable. There is no charge for appraisal on guns left with us on consignment.

If you have any questions please feel to call us at (509)-665-7675.

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