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Westley Richards The iconic inventor and first large scale producer of the English boxlock - in its makers case! (click for more info)

12 gauge - Boxlocks

What do Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans have in common with the venerable firm of Westley Richards? In June of 1812 America declared war on Britain and it was also the year that Westley Richards was founded in Birmingham England. To help kick off their start, Westley Richards was contracted by the British government to build double barreled muzzle loading pistols to be provided to cavalry officers who were to fight the Americans. It is Entirely possible that Andrew Jackson was narrowly missed by shots from a Westley Richards double barrel pistol!

In more specific relation to this fine shotgun we present before you I also want to note the importance of Westley Richards in the development of the double barrel shotgun as we know it today. Westley Richards employed two gunmakers, John Deeley and W. Anson. The day these men were hired should be celebrated as these two men together developed at least 17 patents the most notable to be credited with the development of the Anson & Deeley boxlock, the action we present before you in this listing. This action almost unarguably was to become the most reliable and used hammerless double barrel design in the world and it remains in much use today. I have dismantled and cleaned hundreds of these actions and it never fails to impress me how simple and with how few many working parts are within. Great design makes me want to cheer whether invented 2000 years, 100 years, or today.

Ok, I diverged. This fine example was built in 1880 and is in excellent condition. The barrels with bright bores are fit tight to the breech. The top lever features the classic Westley Richards patent rib extension with a bite. I envy the next owner of this gun as he or she takes it afield. In a quiet moment while the dog sips the water from the hat, I can see looking down on this fine piece of history, feeling its spirit, still deadly, still steadfast reliable, and always elegant. This Westley comes in its vintage maker's case with cleaning rod, oil bottle, and cleaning jags.

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