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James Purdey Hammer 12 in its makers case ~ and a two barrel set to boot! A very rare find. (click for more info)

12 gauge - Hammerguns

The Island lock Purdey hammer shotgun is considered by many to be the most elegant and ergonomic shotgun ever offered. Lord Ripon, England's most famous shot, found these hammer Purdey's to be his shotgun of choice. He used three to set the record of 28 pheasants shot in less than one minute! For those unfamiliar with what an Island lock shotgun is about, note in the pictures that the lock is completely surrounded by wood, thus making the lock an Island in wood. This was copied by a few other makers but has always been considered a signature of James Purdey hammer guns.

The gun we offer here is a very nice example and is exceptionally rare as it is a two barrel set and still to be found in its original oak and leather case. We have had many hammer Purdey's over the years and this is the only one we have ever had like this.

I have handled this shotgun for the last few days and I have to say it is a pleasure to swing, having exceptional balance and momentum for its very light weight.

If a person were to own just one hammer gun this fine shotgun would be at the top of the a very short list of true classics to choose from.


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